Corporate Services

Entity Incorporation
We provide corporate and administration services in relation to a broad range of structures including companies, joint ventures, foundations, investment holding and finance vehicles. Our professional team can assist through the whole structure’s lifecycle -from incorporation to liquidation- in Switzerland and abroad granting full support to any operational and transactional needs.
Acting as resident director or board member, providing managerial, legal and corporate secretarial services.
Domiciliation Services
Providing a registered office address or office space in Switzerland.
Accounting, Financial Reporting & Administration
Our accounting & bookkeeping services administration services are ideal for the sustainable growth of the business organization as the impact of our services enable our clients to concentrate on growing and developing their businesses
Tax compliance services
Our corporate tax compliance services include: Preparation and filing of VAT, Withholding Tax and annual corporate tax return, preparation and filing of quarterly / yearly returns, etc.
Payroll & HR administration
We offer full outsourcing services for the management of payroll, personnel data and employee benefits. We are able to provide tailor-made solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirement.
Treasury & Payment Administration
Assistance with opening of bank accounts and establishing solid relationship with bankers. Administration of cash funds deposited with us or in client’s own bank accounts. Cash forecasting and processing of accounts receivables. Account signatory services to arrange settlement of company obligations to suppliers, payroll, employee expense reimbursements and other fund transfers.
Liquidation, Dissolution & Cessation of Business
We offer expertise in the dissolution of entities and provide advice on the most suitable mode of deregistration: preparation and filing of all necessary documents for the voluntary winding-up of an entity, change of ownership of companies, company deregistration, etc.

Why Incorporating in Switzerland?

Switzerland attracts international trading activities and Canton Zug has become the leading commodities trading center in Europe as it offers tax efficient supply chain management solutions for companies predominantly trading outside of Switzerland.

Regulatory stability, international neutrality, attractive tax regime and deep-seated tradition in global finance, trading and entrepreneurship. No restrictions are imposed on import or export of capital. Switzerland-EU savings agreement provide Switzerland access to benefits similar to those in the EU parent-subsidiary directive reducing withholding tax on cross-border payments of dividends between related companies residing in EU members states and Switzerland. Recent introduction of the so-called “Patent Box” regime. Switzerland is currently also a leading jurisdiction for fintech projects