Tatiana Rydeard

Tatiana Rydeard

Managing Director

Tatiana is a founder and a Managing Director of LawTrust Swiss. Her infectious enthusiasm and unconventional leadership style make her a real character to do business with.

Several large international trading business benefit from her Board memberships in their Swiss based operations. She brings her experience and in-depth knowledge of local statutory and taxation law, as well as international structuring. Long standing connections withing banking sector in Switzerland and Worldwide are of a special added value.
Eternally pragmatic, she believes the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is your attitude to it.
She is a frequent author and contributor of articles and a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on trust and corporate governance matters.

Professional Memberships:
Institute of Corporate Governance (UK)
Society of Trust and Estate Planning Practitioners (STEP)

Education: Master Degree in Information Systems, Liverpool University, UK

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