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You have incorporated your company and are now looking for a full service provider that can bring a stable portfolio management team, as well as take care of all custodian related back office services, including data management. We can compose a perfectly matching asset management team for any of your specific needs.

For us asset management is the systematic planning involving all relevant parties like your company directors and trustees who would ensures that assets continue to meet performance requirements throughout their design life.

Our location in Switzerland puts us at the centre of developments in banking and finance. The close client relationships we have achieved in these industries have helped us to continuously improve our tailored services.

LawTrust Swiss has always been about creating a safe environment to preserve wealth for future generations, so that what you have achieved now can be passed on to your children and your grandchildren. We offer extensive experience in advising, structuring, and managing the wealth of ultra-high net worth individuals and families.

LawTrust Swiss aims to deliver quality and time bound solutions to our clients and partners. We acknowledge and understand that every client is unique. We spend time and effort to understand our client needs and bring in our industry experience. This allows us to identify and design the right solution for our esteemed clients.

We successfully produce strategies that help clients reach their financial goals.

We work close with financial advisors as they develop plans for our clients who fully achieve their financial goals. We’re proud of our process, our performance, and our team of experienced industry professionals.