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Use of trusts is widespread in the world among both private and corporate individuals. Trusts are used in succession planning and with a mean of separating and protecting assets in asset protection, wealth management and transactional structuring.

Swiss Trustee

Swiss made quality.

Switzerland is a well-known banking hub. Billions of private and corporate funds are placed within its well-established banking system. For the above reasons these funds are often held in trusts.

Switzerland does not yet have its domestic Trust Law, but recognised trusts with the ratification of The Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts (1985).

Whilst there is no domestic law governing trusts in Switzerland, trusts from other jurisdictions, and their specific rules, are recognised and can be administered in Switzerland.


  • Switzerland is centrally located, and you can meet with your trustees without too much extra effort when you travel to meet with your banker, business partner or come to Switzerland or close by for pleasure;
  • Swiss economic, political and legal stability provides a solid base for the provision of local administration services;
  • It is a jurisdiction with a good reputation and offers a high quality of knowledgeable professionals.