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Outsourcing of payroll and compliance services are becoming more and more popular among our corporate clients. Compliance with law, confidentiality and reduction of administrative burdens are not the only reason why one would seek to outsource payroll.

ayroll advisory and compliance

We simplify the process for a very competitive rate.

With our significant experience in this area we can give your organization piece of mind. We can offer this service as stand along service or within the scope of a wider range of bookkeeping and accounting services.


  • Facilitate communication with the tax authorities, social security, pension fund and insurance;
  • Correctly organize payroll files;
  • Submit annual and quarterly reports.


  • Preparation for the audit;
  • Representation of your interest and negotiating with the social security so that your company is compliant with legislation.


  • Process payroll computations for your local operations on a gross or net basis, considering income in the form of salary as well as in other forms;
  • Produce management reports;
  • Produce individual pay slips;
  • Generate payment orders for the payment of wages and payroll-related taxes;
  • Correctly book these payments;
  • Prepare annual salary statements.


We are an owner run boutique office and our aim is to deliver distinctly different level of service, which focuses on developing long term partnerships with our clients and not just selling our products and services. Our personal approach ensures that we have a clear understanding of your particular circumstances and expectations, so we can provide the level of services which fits you exactly.
We believe in traditional values in listening to our clients and arranging the best mix of professional skills and jurisdictional advantage in order to achieve our client’s goals. Our staff is carefully selected to be suitably qualified for the role. Our lawyers, accountants and administrators have years of experience in the wealth industry.