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Our goal is for you to be able to reap the benefits of your wealth and enjoy the chances and possibilities. To keep your focus on the positive things, you want as little red tape as possible. You can place all your financial, fiscal and legal concerns with us in accordance with your personal wishes. You decide which matters you’d like to turn over to us. We can of course also work smoothly together with other parties involved in managing your assets. We can arrange a specialized team of professionals and advisors to plan for the future for your personal or business needs. Our extensive experience in many different asset classes held within the structures we administer makes us the right choice.

Family Office

Generation after generation services.

We can help you fulfill that role, addressing your family’s complex needs in a customized way and bringing together a comprehensive set of integrated resources to help you reach your personal and family goals. With your interests and values as the foundation, we help you define and build your legacy across generations.


  • Structuring wealth for inheritance planning;
  • Wealth consolidation and reporting;
  • Residence and re-domiciliation;
  • Managing art collections, banking etc.


Many family offices furthermore act as a personal concierge for families, handling their personal affairs and catering to their lifestyle needs. This could include conducting background checks on personal and business staff; providing personal security for home and travel; aircraft and yacht management; travel planning and fulfillment; and streamlining business affairs.