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Moving abroad can be a stressful challenge for most families. With our help your relocation project will be a guided, smooth and seamless experience. In Switzerland we assist with selection of canton and community, arranging a rental of residential or business property, opening bank account, registration with tax and social security authorities, completion of private tax declaration and negotiation of taxation with tax authorities. We also deal with all administrative aspects of the move.


Full range of international relocation services.

For other jurisdictions we work with our trusted partners who can help with different passport and tax residency programs, acquisition of properties, etc.


  • Real estate tours;
  • Opening new bank accounts;
  • Starting a corporation or foundation;
  • Pre-arrival lodging arrangements.


LawTrust Swiss bring a long-standing industry experience, which equips us with the knowledge of understanding the trials and tubulations of a relocating family. We consult with our clients on a whole range of mobility requirements.