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When you have an important transaction to complete, you want to be confident that before transfering the relevant cash, securities or assets. Or, you may be entering into a cross-border legal agreement between the two parties exchanging the assets. Or you are required to deposit assets with a trustee in order to obtain financing. Escrow and corporate trustee arrangements allow a trusted third party to hold the assets until all the terms of the transactions are met. We can support you throughout this process with our comprehensive suite of escrow and corporate trust services.

Escrow and Corporate Trusts

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Our range of services also covers the management of corporate trusts. Such corporate trusts are implemented via the temporary (99 year’s max.) ownership transfer of assets or rights in a dedicated estate managed by a trustee. Banks or debt funds require the setup of such trusts to efficiently secure credit repayment. It also provides corporate borrowers with better access to debt capital, especially when time is at a premium (Collateral Corporate Trusts). Alternatively, such transfers aim at monitoring the management of assets via a reputable third party manager for a wide variety of situations (family company shareholding issues, transition management needs, special account cash management, Real Estate SPV etc.) (Management Corporate Trusts).


  • Escrow Agent Services;
  • Provide corporate trust structures to meet your business requirements;
  • Accounting and audit of trust assets on a yearly basis;
  • Reporting;
  • Management of assets according to the trustee’s mission.