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There are many benefits in outsourcing this function. First you should consider the time you will spend for recruitment process, while you need to concentrate on growing the value of your business in the new location. Costs are not to be ignored either.

You can either be a start up wanting to establish a base in the right jurisdiction in order to access your customers worldwide or your business is established and thriving in its home market and it is the right time to branch out into a new market.

For a business owner or an international group there are many considerations in setting up and managing operations in a new location.

One decision to consider early on is whether you wish to outsource your back office function or to employ your own personnel. Outsourcing back office functions such as payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, bank account management, payments processing and secretarial services will give you immediate access to specialized skills and expertise while giving you and your core employees enough time to refocus on value-generating initiatives.

You have the reassurance that a trusted third party, like LawTrust Swiss is ensuring you have the correct structure in place to administer your back office functions in compliant manner.

Your office, your team, your process – we will set it up and manage for you.

When you achieve a certain level of success as a company leader, you may start to think about the benefits of expanding into new markets.

The key to success is a disciplined approach with the appropriate level of investment into a thorough market analysis.