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You have spent your lifetime building up your wealth. It was most likely a bumpy ride but you’ve made it. The next question is: How do you transfer it to the next generation?

Estate planning involves planning for how your assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after your demise. It should be regarded as an evolving process that develops as your life and family circumstances change.

There are many aspects to consider in the process:

  • Your domicile and residence status – they will have an effect on which jurisdiction’s law will apply. Furthermore, they impact your tax statement.
  • The location of your assets – which jurisdiction’s law will govern the succession of your assets?
  • Your tax profile – it will have an impact on strategy you choose for transferring your wealth.
  • Your beneficiaries’ tax profiles – if your will for example foresee that assets are held in a trust – will this have adverse tax consequences for your beneficiaries?
  • How many different instruments for passing wealth you need – If your main assets are spread across a limited number of jurisdictions and they apply similar succession laws with similar probate procedures, it is perfectly sensible to have one instrument covering your worldwide assets. However, if your assets are spread across a number of jurisdictions with different legal systems, creating several instruments might be preferable.

At LawTrust we can help you choose the right inheritance structure for you. Please contact us for further details.

Our purpose is clear:

To help families grow and steward their legacy across generations. We do this by addressing both the financial, and human elements, of your wealth.